We need two doorknobs replaced/installed! Thanks!

Sally B

Just moved into a home in Trumbull. The house has 2 wall ac units. Looking to have them removed, and have both interior wall patched and exterior wall patched and siding.

John J

Projects I am looking for a carpenter or handyman to fix in the next 2-4 weeks: 1. outlet in bathroom is black doesn't work. 2. toilet runs slow may be fine want to run a snake just to test. 3. bath faucet leaks around C handle. 4. Dishwasher wobbles needs to be secured. 5. Kitchen faucet needs new washer single handle. Thank you.

Steven L

This weekend I just replaced the garage door, but I am having difficulty with assemblying the garage door opener and also getting the door to open.

Vincent R

I need a window sill repaired/replaced and a section of exterior trim.

William R

I have 2 bathroom exhaust fans which vent to the outside of the home. The outside vents are protected by a plastic cap with a hood and flap. I am looking to have the plastic caps replaced. 

Mark M

We are in a bathroom remodel currently and need to resurface/ paint 2 bathroom vanities and change out the tops and would like to get estimates also change out 4 out dated bathroom lights as well.

Chris B

I have a door that needs to be replaced. It's a door in my living room that goes down to my basement.

Carol P

I need a Handyman to sand, prep and stain an outdoor porch. I have already purchased the sandpaper, brushes, and Sherwin Williams Deck Stair. The Porch is about 10 feet x 12 feet in size. Please call me with an estimate. 

Philip G

I would like kitchen cabinets and floors repaired and the bathtub replaced.

Beverly J